4independent’s biggest pride is creative approach to customers’ requirments. Creativity is reflected in our organisation of a work process, an open environment where perfumers together with evaluators, marketing and sales managers exchange ideas to develop new products. Our inspiration is influenced by trendsetters involved in all artistic areas from gardening, cooking, and architecture to music, from fashion to pefumery.

Perfumer, or Nose, who draws from an extensive palette of raw materials becomes the key link in the process of developing a fragrance. There are 20 perfumers in 4independent worldwide. Many years of experience in the industry as well as constant development within various fragrance associations make it possible to stay in the mainstream or even to be ahead of market trends.

With the spectrometry and GLC equipment we can unlock the secrets of nature by examining chemical structure of smells and recreating them in laboratory. Extensive knowledge of product - fragrance interaction means that we can ensure that fragrances we supply are compatible with all end products.

Our modern evaluation facilities include controlled air flow smelling boots, where, in accordance with customers’ requirements fragrances are tested in product and after use. 4independent’s proposals are compared with benchmark market products and blind test results usually show preference of fragrances by 4independent.